Drink water. Be healthy. Be happy.

We all know that water is absolutely essential for good health. Though, few of us actually take in the amount of water our bodies need to function properly.

WaterLogger will help you to set a daily goal and stick to it, remind you to drink, and let you view your recent daily intake totals.

  • Easy to use (and keep using)
  • Track your daily water intake
  • Use ounces (oz) or liters (mL)
  • Configurable daily intake goals
  • 4 configurable containers for quick updates
  • Log partial container consumption
  • Undo last entry or all entries for day
  • Customizable reminders (start time, end time, frequency)
  • Select 12- or 24-hour time format
  • Option to stop reminders for the rest of the day once your daily goal has been met
  • Graph your actual vs. goal over time
  • Customizable application tiles
  • Support for all 3 live tile sizes
  • View and edit all past log entries by day
  • Easily add missed log entries on past days